Regina Alcóver SACA CARA by GianMarco after criticism: “I would have liked to offer you a different world” [FOTO]

does not reflect and Regina Alcover It supports. GianMarco broke his silence after the rain of criticism he has received in these weeks for having mistreated a reporter from Love and Fire. In his official Instagram account, he justified himself and clarified to all his fans that his private life is not news, among other issues. “I do not hurt anyone with my work,” she highlighted in her text.

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He also lashed out at all the people who have attacked him for no reason, but indicated that he is learning to live with it.

“These last few weeks have been a lot of learning, recognizing myself along the way. I still think that many people full of anger reflect all their frustrations on this strange planet of social networks and I have to learn to live with that,” says part of his publication.

Regina Alcover did not hesitate to support his extensive message and agreed with his son on everything. In this way she shows that she is on her side and believes in her words.

“That’s right, dear son. Sometime on stage together in 1994, I told you: “I would have liked to offer you a different world, but you have to keep trying to see the current world as it is and look at it from the perspective of Peace, even if it is very difficult to understand.” , he wrote in the post of the national singer-songwriter. However, this time the radio presenter did not receive the support of the users because they consider that GianMarco He is still not aware of his attitude with the press and with his own followers.

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GianMarco was not well received at his concert in Piura and empty places were seen

Gian Marco Zignago this time he did not receive the support of a group of his fans after he had a bad behavior with the reporter of Teddy Bear by asking him to ask intelligent questions, minimizing his work. Thus, several decided to teach him a lesson by avoiding going to his last show in Piura.

Thus, some places in this event were empty, which demonstrated the discontent of a group of his followers with him.