Reimond Manco on why they carried him: “He came from a three-day marathon and lovesickness”

Throughout his 31 years, Reimond Manco He starred in multiple scenes both on and off the field that ended up monopolizing the main covers of entertainment and sports newspapers. One of them was when he was seen getting out of a loaded car by some people in an obvious state of drunkenness. Some time later, the brand new Santos FC reinforcement revealed what happened at that time.

During the show ‘Hablando hue …’ by Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza, the 31-year-old footballer was consulted about that particular moment. “That time you were private, you can tell me the thing, I remember the images, what happened, you were on vacation,” the program hosts told him.

Then Manco explained why they had to carry it when they got out of the taxi. “I was on vacation, I was coming from a three-day marathon, I was sick in love, I was defeated and I already left the disco, I took off and gave me air“Said the Alianza Lima youth squad.

Along the same lines, ‘Rei’ pointed out that the taxi driver was his cousin and that he helped him because he had fallen asleep. “I was vulturing on the road and now I stayed behind (…) and now my cousin, who was taking me a taxi at that time, the huev … had not realized that they were following us,” he continued.

Finally, he explained that instead of taking him home, they took him to his mother’s house, where they ended up discovering him. “I did not live there, I lived in Surco, but, as my cousin saw that I was left, he takes me to my mother’s house and my cousin is going to carry him, my cousin is a hue … and he loads me , but these toads of my … they were there ”, culminated.