Remittances received until October 2021 exceed the total for 2020

The remittances that have been received up to October 2021 in the Dominican Republic are 40.2% higher than those received in October 2019, and 30.7% higher than those of October 2020.

In addition, the United States is the main sender of remittances to the Dominican Republic. As of October 2021, 83.9% of remittances came from the North American country.

According to data from the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, between January and October 2021 remittances reached US $ 8,675.1 million, to exceed the same period of 2020 with US $ 2,035.7 million and register a 30.7% year-on-year growth.

The total received until October in 2021 exceeded by more than US $ 450 million the US $ 8,219.2 million received in the full 2020, when there are two months to go to the end of the year.
In the distribution of remittances received by province, the National District obtained the highest proportion, 34.2%, followed by the Santiago and Santo Domingo provinces, with 14.0% and 8.3%, respectively.

This indicates that more than half (56.5%) of remittances are received in metropolitan areas of the country.

When analyzing the flows of October 2021 according to the gender of the person receiving, men captured 54.0% and women 46.0% of the remittances received through formal channels.