Renato Tapia: how did Andrea Cordero and the soccer player’s family react after learning about her son with Daniela Castro?

In the eye of the storm. The soccer player Renato Tapia was evidenced on national television by his ex-partner Daniela Castro, who revealed to Magaly Medina that he has a six-year-old son in common with him and that he has always kept it a secret, and what about his wife? Andrea Cordero? It is precisely this who we will talk about next and how he reacted to this controversy.

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What was Andrea Cordero’s reaction after learning about Renato Tapia’s son with another woman?

It was in an exclusive that gave the program Magaly TV: The Firmthat the young mother told how it is that despite having given in to all the limitations that her little boy lived to protect the national team, he would have always avoided giving him his last name and recognizing him as his son and that he was tired of what he considers a “mockery “He went out to demand that he take care of the minor.

“He told me that I couldn’t be present, what would people think (…) Renato Tapia’s cousin was there to control me, and I was used to covering the baby’s face (…) It was hard to see the news because rockets exploded. There is a report he did with children and it made me angry, but he did nothing, he just cried, “Daniela Castro commented tearfully.

In the midst of this, users sought the reaction of the wife of Renato Tapiawho apparently already knew about the existence of the 6-year-old boy and therefore would know about the alleged infidelity that the footballer committed, and they were surprised that the comments were in restricted mode.

Meanwhile, we also find one of her last posts, where she shows suffering, could it be the date she found out about everything? “The most challenging year of my entire life has come to an end. Between sinking and not allowing myself another second of pain, I chose myself day after day and I was able to reach December with many more smiles,” read Andrea Cordero’s comment.

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What did Renato Tapia’s family say after learning about his son with Daniela Castro?

Despite how the same protagonist of the program Magaly Medina On the last Monday, January 23, he revealed it, the soccer player’s family would have been aware of the existence of their little boy and they would have even gotten to know him.

“He told me ‘my dad wants to see him’, the day after Father’s Day, he greeted me, went up, the man saw Fabrizio, told him he was just the same, not even to deny it. He also met his maternal grandmother, as well as Renato’s brothers”, revealed Daniela Castro.

However, that was not all, because before it became known that the controversial program that marked the return of “Urraca” to television this 2023 was dedicated to Renato Tapia, his mother left a mysterious message on his social networks: “My working child, you are my pride”.

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What was Renato Tapia’s drastic decision after accusation of not recognizing his son?

like his wife Andrea Corderothe Peruvian soccer player decided to make the radical decision to put comments on his social networks in a restricted and limited mode, this in the face of the attacks and reactions of the fans for apparently not having recognized his son with Daniela Castro.

“Until now he has not been recognized and he does not want to admit it, it hurts for my son because they are making fun of him. I was ashamed, I thought about him, about his career, but I’m tired of it, I realized that it wasn’t for me, but for for my son. I feel disappointed, I never complained to him, “revealed the approximately 26-year-old about Renato Tapia.