Renato Tapia: how did you meet your wife Andrea Cordero and how many years have you been together?

Renato Tapia He was always known as one of the most correct players in the Peruvian team. He is even nicknamed the ‘Captain of the future’. However, at the premiere of his show in 2023, Magaly Medina launched a shocking complaint against the footballer. Daniela Castro He came out to accuse the athlete of not wanting to recognize his son. Faced with these statements and criticism from Internet users, the national team and his wife have decided not to speak out yet.

They even blocked comments from their Facebook accounts. instagram to avoid any message. They have been together for several years and were considered one of the most solid couples in the national show; little Niara is the fruit of that love. Learn more about Andrea Cordero in this note.

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Who is Andrea Cordero?

the couple of Renato Tapia is a blogger and businesswoman. Currently, through social networks, she promotes fashion and makeup. Although she hasn’t posted videos for several years, she owns a channel Youtube in which he uploaded clips of makeup techniques. He also showed some shorts about his life.

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How did the love story between Andrea Cordero and Renato Tapia begin?

Andrea Cordero Y Renato Tapia They met when she worked in a sports medium as a web editor. The midfielder was 16 years old and was just beginning to stand out in football. Three years passed and the couple married privately and had their closest friends and family members as guests.

Renato Tapia with his daughter and wife. Photo: Daniela Cordero/Instagram

How many years have they been together?

Andrea Cordero Y Renato Tapia They have been married for eight years, as they got married on December 28, 2015. The result of this relationship was born Niara Amelia, the footballer’s eldest daughter and who he usually talks about whenever he can.

Renato Tapia and Andrea Cordero during their wedding. Photo: Andrea Cordero/Instagram