Renato Tapia refused to talk to Magaly about his son with Daniela Castro: “He didn’t want to answer”

Outraged is little. Last night, Monday, January 23, the host Magaly Medina filed a strong complaint against the soccer player Renato Tapia, where her ex-partner Daniela Castro revealed that they both have a 6-year-old son together, despite the fact that he is married. And, until now, the athlete does not legally recognize the minor. However, this was not all.

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The popular ‘Magpie‘ He returned to the air with his program on the ATV signal after a well-deserved vacation in the US and Europe, and brought the member of the Peruvian soccer team to life by showing that he did not want to face him. It all happened during the last edition of Magaly TV The Firm.

According to her own Magaly Medina before the public, his team sought testimony from Renato Tapia, since every story has two parts, but neither this nor his lawyer did not want to talk about the son with Daniela Castro, who has been a friend of the athlete since she was young and with whom she had a long romance in adolescence before meeting again in 2016 and having her baby as a result of a one-night stand.

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“We have looked for the other party, because we have wanted to speak with Renato and with the lawyer (who represents him legally), but none has answered us. We always try to balance things, and have both versions, but he has not wanted to ” , specified the ATV presenter.

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Renato Tapia’s lawyer left Magaly’s reporter in sight

Despite various attempts to Magaly Medina and his team of journalists, none were able to communicate with Renato Tapia. Even her lawyer dared to leave a reporter out in sight when the child’s welfare was at stake.

“The lawyer left the reporter Nataly Julca cleared when she explained the problem, what we wanted to answer, she left us clear, so take notice that we wanted to know what they thought and what they had to say about it before issue this report, but it seems that they are not interested in answering,” he added.