Renato Tapia sent his cousin to assume the father figure of my son, according to Daniela Castro: “He controlled me”

Renato Tapia’s childhood ex-partner, Daniela Castro, The firm appeared on Magaly TV to unmask the soccer player and accuse him of not legally recognizing his 6-year-old son. The 29-year-old assures that the player of the Peruvian team He refused to give the minor his last name, because he did not want a scandal in his marriage. Likewise, she surprised by revealing that she had to live with the athlete’s cousin at his request for a few years and he was the one who assumed the father figure throughout this time.

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As he pointed out, he lived with the athlete’s relative for four years, which seemed a rather strange situation, but he accepted it thinking of his son. However, she later realized that her cousin practically controlled her to prevent her from spreading photos with her minor. “A few weeks later she sent an intermediary. After two weeks her cousin writes to me, we saw each other that day with Jose Martin Alvacounted.

“A man who played an important role in this relationship, being a link between the selected team and Daniela, and the presence of the cousin who was the one who lived with her for four years was so important. A coexistence that Daniela narrates, Renato would have imposed on her by becoming a kind of father figure of the child with whom he was photographed at all times”, the voice-over of the note is heard saying in this regard according to the statements offered by Daniela.

Daniela Castro revealed situations in which the cousin was aware that she did not show the public the face of her baby, who is physically identical to her father. “Now I feel that Renato Tapia’s cousin was only there to control me because I could not upload photos on the networks or lead my normal life. Going to shopping centers with him had normalized it a lot and if someone I knew passed by, I would start. I was used to cover the baby’s face,” he said.

He also pointed out that Jose Martin Alva He was the one who ran everything in his house, which he couldn’t allow anymore. “He was the person who made the decisions in the home and handled the money,” she said.

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Daniela Castro confirmed that Renato Tapia’s family knows about her son with her

Daniela Castro He said that Renato Tapia’s father has met his grandson and that he has even visited him on various occasions. In December he brought her gifts, but since then he hasn’t seen him again. In the same way, the maternal grandmother also already knows of the existence of her son.

What was most surprising is that the current soccer player’s wife also knows this, as Daniela pointed out. “She already knows,” she argued.