Renato Tapia “shakes” when asked if he wants to have more children: “I would like 3”

The case of the unrecognized son of Renato Tapia It has caused some of the footballer’s statements to be seen in a different way. A fairly clear case was in the interview that he gave to Jesus Alzamora in his program Youtube six months ago. On that occasion, the player revealed his discomfort when answering if he was in his plans to expand the family in the future. What betrayed a member of the Peruvian National Team?

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“Yes, yes, I would like 3, let’s see. My daughter is already 7, but let’s see,” explained Renato Tapia. Magaly Medina commented that the midfielder Celta Vigo he touched his nose and evidenced a behavior that people show when lying.

It was in Magaly TV: The Firmwhere the case of Renato Tapia’s former school lover Daniela Castro was presented, who told after having a meeting with the soccer player, she became pregnant by Fabrizio, who is now 6 years old.

The 28-year-old woman recounted that she had to live with Tapia’s supposed cousin and that after getting tired of what happened and that her son does not have his father’s last name, she decided to present her case to the entertainment journalist from ATV.

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Magaly Medina responds to Luis Tapia

After Renato Tapia’s father came out in defense of his son and called the Magaly Medina program trash TV, the host used her screen time to clear things up.

“I am glad that it calls me garbage TV, because that garbage press achieved the recognition of several unsigned children,” said the “Queen of the ampays.”