Renato Tapia: whose name is the apartment where Daniela Castro and her son live?

Without a doubt, the new season of Magaly Medina surprised locals and strangers, since Renato Tapia was denounced by the young woman called Daniela Castro, who revealed that he soccer player he does not want to legally recognize his 6-year-old son. This disclosure of the ‘Magpie’ brought with it to the mother of the son of the selected one I arrived at the set of ATV to continue giving more details of his story, since he mentioned that Wall made him believe that the apartment where he lived would be for his son.

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Why is the apartment where Renato Tapia’s son lives not in his name?

the confessions of Daniela Castro shocked more than one, since over the years Renato Tapia he managed to keep his football career away from scandals. For this reason, it is that after the complaint presented by the program of the ‘Magpie’had the young mother as a guest, who also revealed that the only thing she asked for her minor was to be able to have a home, so she did not hesitate to comment on this request to the athlete, who immediately gave her a positive response assuring that he would He would give an apartment for his son to be with Daniela, since they were a combo.

“I asked him whose name he’s going to be, he told me ‘don’t worry, he’s with someone you trust, it’s going to be forever, until Fabrizzio decides to get married and everything.’ I always trusted him, because (I thought that) my son already had something (…) I thought that this apartment was my own because Renato told me so. What I least imagined is that they would tell me that, ‘you have to leave the apartment,’” confessed the ex-partner of the sportsman.

It was on the set of the ‘redhead’ that the mother of the family revealed that the midfielder In June he told him that the property where he lived with his son was in the name of his best friend, but in the end it was all a lie, since the owner would be a certain Carlos Valdivia and the receipts that arrive have the name of Jhonny Sanchez, people who does not know the ex-partner Wall.

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Where will Daniela Castro and her son live?

In addition, Daniela Castro confessed that since August 2022, Renato Tapia he financially ignored his son and only made a couple of deposits for the minor’s expenses, so he still has a debt with the school, and in February of this year, they would have to leave the apartment where they live, since he has not been able to pay it.

It is worth mentioning that the son of Castro and Tapia was born on May 9, 2017 and is now 6 years old, and although he has a great physical resemblance to the soccer player, the selected He has not wanted to recognize him and has only sent him an act of extrajudicial reconciliation, as he revealed to ‘Magaly TV La Firme’.