Renato Tapia’s alleged cousin breaks his silence: “He distributed that money for Daniela”

The program “Magaly TV The Firm” He managed to get in touch with Renato Tapia’s alleged cousin, José Martín Alva, and he confirmed that the soccer player was the one who gave the money so that Daniela Castro and her son supposedly lacked nothing.

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“The time that I saw, I saw his son, he only received consideration and support from me, a girl who was wrong at that time,” was the first thing said by the alleged cousin of Renato Tapia, Jose Martin Alva when contacted byr “Magaly TV La Firme”.

Next, this young man stated the following for the “Magaly TV La Firme” program, answering who kept the home where he lived Daniela Castro and his son. “Because he is a child and clearly (…) I had never met him before, Renato was the person who distributed that money for Daniela.”

Finally, Jose Martin Alva wanted to generate suspicion by hinting that perhaps he is not the cousin of Renato Tapia, but a worker. “It’s that you don’t even know if I’m the cousin or not or I’m just a worker… If I did this because it’s just a service or because it’s a family member. You don’t know.”

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Kathy Sheen after reading Renato Tapía’s statement

the journalist Kathy Sheen read the statement from Renato TapiaHowever, he stated that it is a lot of fluff and asked him when he will sign his son, since six years have passed for that to happen in this regard.

“It is unfortunate that they have to see themselves cornered, so that only then do they really become aware and have good positions so that they can assume their obligation as a father like this. Well, another footballer who falls from us”, he sentenced Kathy Sheen.