Renato Tapia’s father breaks his silence and comes out in defense of his son: “It’s a personal issue”

Renato Tapia He was accused and denounced by Daniela Castro, for not recognizing the son they both have. The exhibition was given yesterday, January 23, in the Magaly Medina program, the same one that was quite energetic about the situation and assured that it would not stop with the investigations until the minor had the last name. Along these lines, the athlete spoke via social networks assuring that he was always present for his son, “covering his needs and assuming the obligations that correspond as a father.”

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Renato Tapia apologizes to his family after paternity complaint against him

Renato Tapia took advantage of the space on his social network to apologize to his relatives, who were affected by the situation. “First, I’m sorry for the way I handled the issue and apologize publicly to each person in my family who was affected by it.”

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Luis Tapia, father of the soccer player, speaks

After the statement, the father of the “Captain of the future” was against the fact that the case was made public: This is a personal issue, it is not a topic that interests people because it has nothing to do with their profession ”, said the footballer’s father.

“It is a subject that he is handling and if he deems appropriate, he will give his opinion. The worst thing that can be done is to give meat to vultures, it is the worst thing that can be done”, added Luis Tapia in an interview for Trome.