Renzo Costa and his partner Thalía Alva look pregnant in a tender photo session

Businessman Renzo Costa He is going through one of the best moments, because together with his girlfriend Thalía Alva they are about to become the parents of twins. For this reason, to immortalize the beautiful stage of pregnancy, they decided to carry out a tender photo session before the arrival of their heirs, which was shared on social networks and where both are seen more than happy for their new stage in their lives.

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Renzo Costa and Thalía Alva pose together in a photo session

Renzo Costa and the future mother of her children, Thalía Alva, were shown together in a session where the advanced pregnancy of the young woman was highlighted. Likewise, in the video shared by the journalist Kathy Sheen on her social networks, the pregnant woman is seen in a blue dress and the “King of leathers” with a shirt of a similar color.

“Yes, comadres, there will be two, twice. Renzo Costa looks super happy and happy, I have never seen him like this, so the happiness that comes to his family is good, he is a father and I hope he behaves like one and not like others, “said the communicator.

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Renzo Costa’s mother praises Thalía Alva

The founder of the brand Renzo Costa, Marina Bustamante, is very happy to become a grandmother and for her son’s relationship with Thalía Alva. For this reason, she used her networks to send a message to both of them, where the businessman’s girlfriend received compliments.

Renzo Costa will become the father of twins at the age of 49. Photo: Instagram.

“Thank you, dear children, for giving me this immense joy. Sweet Thali, loving Renzo, I have never seen you so happy. Our families together, grandparents for the first time, waiting with lots of love. You don’t know how excited I am. Is it noticeable? ”, She wrote on his social network.