Renzo Garcés: “Let’s hope there will continue to be an audience in the stadiums”

Renzo garces It was one of the surprises in the last call of the Peruvian team. Despite the fact that the defender from César Vallejo is going through a good time with his team, the good performance of the Bicolor defense in recent games suggested that there would be no news in that area of ​​the field.

The poet player spoke to the media after the training session under the orders of Ricardo Gareca. The defender expressed his feelings for being called back to the national team. “I feel very happy and grateful to God for this opportunity. I am looking forward to making my debut. I continue to work day by day, growing in all aspects and filling myself with experience ”, he explained.

Garcés highlighted his growth in recent seasons and indicated how much he could contribute to the Bicolor. “I think that over time I have matured. I feel much more prepared to face things. God has enabled me in all aspects to face what is coming, “he said.

The defender also highlighted the importance of rubbing shoulders with the usual summoned. “Stepping on the Videna and sharing with colleagues who are at a high level allows us to grow a lot. It helps to add experience in the physical and in the mental ”, Held.

The UCV footballer hoped that the team could count on the presence of his followers in the next home match for qualifying rounds. “The support of the people is important because the encouragement of the fans is what drives the team. Hopefully there will continue to be an audience in the stadiums”, He concluded.