Renzo Manyari is the new president of the Peruvian Olympic Committee

The new board of directors of the COP, which was elected by 22 votes in favor, two null and one blank, will take office immediately and will have, among other tasks, the mission of recovering the credibility and economic solvency of the body that supports the presence of the Peruvian sport in the various competitions of the Olympic circuit. But who is Renzo manyari?

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Lawyer from the University of San Martín de Porres, graduated from the specialty of Public Management and Diploma in Mining Law from the ESAN University.

In his sports management as president of the FDPLP, he has led the federation to compete at a high level and has organized very important tournaments such as the Grand Prix of Weights 2019 and the Virtual Youth World Cup of Weights 2020, both carried out successfully in our country at international level.

During the election process, two lists were presented. The roster led by Carlos Manuel Lazarte decided to decline his application, so the group headed by Renzo Manyari remained the only candidate and had the majority support of the federations.

Board of Directors

  • President: Renzo Vitto Fabrizio Manyari Velazco
  • Vice President: Manuel Alberto del Castillo Hernández
  • Secretary General: Eva Jenny Martínez Díaz
  • Pro Secretary General: Gonzalo Mario Castillo Guzmán
  • Treasurer: Marisol Espineira Jiménez
  • Pro Treasurer: Edgar Cirano Camargo So many
  • First vocal: Gino Mario Vegas Urrutia
  • Second vowel: Leyla Felicita Chihuán Ramos
  • First alternate member: Martín Panizo García
  • Second alternate member: Bernardino Marcelo Leyva Meneses