Renzo Schuller and Gian Piero Díaz: Why did they distance themselves?

It was the early days of 1997 when Gian Piero Diaz Y Renzo schuller they coincided on the set of “Boulevard Torbellino.” That’s how they met. The history of the friendship between Gian Piero and Renzo is easy to trace, as it has been recorded on camera.

Their true friendship began six years later, during the recording of “These guys from now.” In this series, which Panamericana broadcast in 2003. In addition, for approximately eight years they became the favorite hosts with the now defunct competition reality show Combat, but after Combat ended, everything broke down.

Renzo Schuller and Gian Piero Díaz distanced themselves

The breakdown of friendship, it seems, occurred when Gian Piero Diaz He appeared as the new host of “Esto es Guerra” as a replacement for María Pía Copello. Back then, Renzo schuller He hinted that his lifelong partner never told him that he was going to become a figure on América Televisión.

It was Schuller who confirmed that he does not maintain a friendship with the former host of “This is War”, revealing that he has no communication with him. Schuller said that so far he has not met Gian Piero Díaz in the corridors of América Televisión.

“Sure, this site is huge,” he declared. When asked if the actor sent him a message about his new television challenge, Renzo dismissed it: “He will leave me, I imagine (laughs).”

Gian Piero after his last EEG program: “I’m leaving happy, without masks, poses, or performances”

Gian Piero Díaz officially had his last day in the conduction of This is war last Tuesday, December 21, and now he took the opportunity to pronounce once more on his social networks.

After breaking down on the set of América TV, the driver went to his official account on Instagram, and here he wrote a sentimental post where he said goodbye not only to EEG, but also Combat, as he did a few days ago.

“I’m leaving how I arrived, happy! Life gave me the opportunity to be part of the two greatest phenomena of Peruvian TV, Combate and EEG!”, He said Gian Piero Díaz.

Also, the popular Pipi thanked the displays of affection, and sent a little girl that would be a hint to Miguel Arce, who said that he is a “wolf disguised as a sheep.”

“It gave me the opportunity to have their affection and to be known as I am! No masks, no poses, no performances! Thank you for your enormous sincere affection, mine is too! See you soon, because all of you They are BACAN! “, he concluded.

With your words, Gian Piero Diaz announced his next return to the small screen, which would be with Rossana Fernández Maldonado on the Willax signal, as Peluchín said a few weeks ago.