Renzo Schuller reveals that his grandfather escaped from Nazi Germany: “They renounced their nationality”

Renzo Schuller He was this Friday, April 14, in “Send whoever is in charge.” There she surprised everyone by sharing some details of his family. The former host of “Combate” told viewers his dream of seeing Bolivia, since his father was born in that country. At that moment, he remembered his origin and narrated a part of the story of his grandparents.

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Renzo Schuller reveals that his father is Bolivian

In a sequence of the program, Renzo Schuller was asked what his frustrated dream would be. In this context, he revealed that he always wanted to travel to Bolivia, his father’s country of origin.

(His father) He came here from Chibolo, so he’s not that Bolivian. He was born in Bolivia, but I think he came here a year later. My grandfather was Belgian, my grandmother Bolivian, he recounted.

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Renzo Schuller’s grandfather escaped from Nazi Germany

In addition, Renzo Schuller explained that his grandfather, of Belgian origin, had to flee from Germany during World War II. In this way, he arrived in Bolivia, where he met his partner.

“She (her grandmother) was a secretary, she was from Chibola, she was 15 years old. My grandfather had his eye on her quickly. Same at that time fleeing Germany. They ended up living here in Peru and renouncing their nationality, and all because of all the problems that existed at that time.. They got married, my grandmother had two children, my aunt and my father, ”she narrated.