Renzo Schuller SURPRISES by saying that Gian Piero Díaz called him on EEG and Johanna is SHOCKED

He left everyone speechless. In the last edition of This is warThis Wednesday, November 23, there was an unexpected moment after Johanna San Miguel and Renzo Schuller had fun LIVE after playing with the cake in full reality competition.

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As is known, the TV drivers They have shown that they are a great duo in front of the television space of America Television. Even both public figures have great confidence to be able to perform hilarious pranks, but they have also had some confrontations.

This time, Renzo Schuller shocked his partner johanna san michael after deciding to smear her with cake on her face. In this regard, the actress did not hesitate to take revenge on her, but she first sent herself a strong message. “Gian Piero would never have done this to me,” she said.

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Johanna LAUNCHES against the production of This is War

The driver johanna san michael returned to the program This is war after being absent, but upon her return she surprised viewers as the artist confronted the production of the reality show for not complying with her request to level the teams for the final.

“I don’t understand, have they grabbed me since yesterday? Does my presence bother them? Because yesterday they closed the bus, they told me things. What’s wrong? I can’t defend my team? I can’t say what Is that fair?” she said angrily.