Replacing in Edomex 2022: cost and steps to renew your vehicle’s license plate

With the new year will come 2022 replacement in the State of Mexico (Edomex) that obliges vehicle owners to renew the plates issued in 2017 and previous years to circulate freely and avoid penalties. How much does it cost and how is it done? Get to know him in this note.

This measure continues the replacement program approved in 2018, that establishes five years of validity for the vehicle plates in the entity from the date of its issuance. Failure to renew the license plate can lead to the authorities removing the expired license plates and preventing the circulation of your vehicle.

The replacement 2022 is the renewal of license plates of vehicles registered in the Mexico state in 2017 and earlier. The website of the State Finance Secretariat indicates that the 2021 version of the program seeks to “strengthen public security and provide legal, fiscal and patrimonial certainty to the people of Mexico.”

The benefits of complying with the replacement include obtaining valid license plates and cards, full identification of the vehicle in circulation, increasing its sale price if it is up to date, regularization of equity and support in the investigation of crimes. committed with vehicles.

These are the updated costs of the initial expedition for the vehicle replacement In accordance with the provisions of the current text of the Financial Code of the State of Mexico and Municipalities:

To replace your vehicle in the State of Mexico, you will need the following documents:

All documents must be submitted in their original version.

Follow the following steps to replace your vehicle online in the State of Mexico:

This 2022 all owners of vehicles whose plates were issued in 2017 and earlier as reported by the Ministry of Finance of the State of Mexico.

The aforementioned is in accordance with the gradual replacement program approved in 2018, which establishes that the jurisdiction’s license plates must be changed every five years. Rodrigo Jarque Lira, Edomex Finance Secretary, explained that this renewal is contemplated in the 2022 fiscal package project.

The authorities suggest first reviewing the validity of the license plate to carry out the process if necessary.