Results of the elections in Venezuela LIVE: know who won when there is a report from the CNE

The regional and municipal elections in Venezuela are taking place with “tranquility”, assured this Sunday the head of the electoral mission of the European Union (EU), Isabel Santos, about the elections marked by the return to the country of observers from the bloc after 15 years of absence.

“Everything is going smoothly,” the diplomat told reporters after visiting a school in a popular area of ​​Caracas.

Asked about the delays of the process, to which 21 of the 30 million inhabitants are summoned to elect 23 governors and 335 mayors, she maintained that “The problems have been solved, people can vote with confidence.”

“Until now, issues that have been resolved in one way or another, but they are things that we will address later,” said Santos, who will offer a report on November 23.

The National Electoral Council (CNE), the governing body of the Electoral Power in Venezuela, plans to communicate results between 8:00 and 9:00 pm, although in other votes the announcement has been delayed and it has been done late at night.

Under the pretext that there are still queues at the polling stations, the CNE tends to offer the results several hours later.

On the eve of the elections, the questioned President Nicolás Maduro made an irony about the role of the EU in Venezuela and pointed out that they are not empowered to offer a “verdict” on the elections.

“Can any international observer in any country in the world give a verdict on the validity of a genuinely national and sovereign process of a country? No, so you get off that cloud, European Union commission, ”the president launched on Saturday during a ceremony at the Miraflores presidential palace with other international observers.

Santos, however, declined to comment on Maduro’s remarks. “I do not say anything about those things, I respect all the Venezuelan authorities, I cannot comment,” he stressed.

The president of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro, said this Sunday that the observers of the European Union who accompany the elections of mayors and governors “have behaved up to the task.”

“Until today they have behaved up to the task, respecting the Constitution and the laws, I hope it will be so until the end of their oversight mission, I hope it is so, I really want it, sincerely,” said the president after voting in Caracas.

He also affirmed that he will respect the results in regional and local elections.

The former presidential candidate, Henrique Capriles demanded the CNE to close voting centers that do not have voters in line as established in the standard. He denounced that irregularities have been registered in some premises.

The opposition leader to the Maduro government made a call to the international observers who are deployed in the country regarding the regional and local elections.

For his part, the representative of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD), Juan Carlos Caldera He requested that the law be complied with and that voting tables be closed without voters in queue in Venezuela. In addition, he pointed out that they were not allowed access to the main headquarters of the organization.

“It is incredible that the CNE makes a kind of ghetto, a space reserved for political parties, and we are not allowed access to the media or go up to the offices of the rectors,” he denounced.

The Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro This Sunday he called his supporters to vote in local and regional elections 20 minutes after the official closing of the polling stations, which aroused criticism from different opposition candidates.

“I call everyone who has their 1×10 list (plan to promote the official vote) to go to the auction of the patriotic, Bolivarian and Chavista offensive throughout the country. To you man and woman who have your list. Mobilization important! To combat, to battle and to victory. Vote to win! ”Maduro wrote on Twitter.

Angelo Palmeri secretary general of A new time offered a balance on the electoral day in Venezuela this Sunday, November 21.

He congratulated citizens for their participation, but also referred to those who did not participate, specifically Venezuelan migration, which is mostly distributed in countries in the region.

There are 4 million Venezuelans outside the country who could not express themselves today and with all certainty those Venezuelans are joined to the democratic option because they are outside their country, due to the dire circumstances of the regime, ”he said.

With information from AFP and EFE.