Revenge of the ex: Know the details of the last episode of the controversial reality broadcast by MTV

The revenge of the ex VIP 4 has a short period on the air but has become one of the most viewed reality shows today and today, the Chapter 5 of the favorite youth program of the moment. Here we will tell you all the details of this new episode that you can follow MINUTE BY MINUTE in The Republic.

On November 9, MTV premiered the reality show Revenge of the former VIPs, a program in which a group of influencers must meet and interact in a heavenly place, in order to form new couples. However, in the meantime the ex-partners of each appear, and they will seek their revenge for different reasons from the past, which will lead to the participants also evaluating resuming the relationship they had at some point. In this note we tell you how and from where to see the chapters of this production

In chapter 4 of Revenge of the ex-VIPs Popular influencer Kim Shantal claimed the popular Suavecito for the fact that he already had sex with more girls than he imagined. This scene left more than one follower shocked, wanting to know more about this situation.

In another scene, the discussion between Daphne Montesinos and the Peruvian Aylin Criss could be observed, where despite Daphne’s outbursts, our compatriot did not follow her game in said fight, until she let him wet her, to avoid some kind of lawsuit between both. The serenity and mettle of the popular tiktoker was undoubtedly noticed.

Ten single girls and boys head to an idyllic beach for a summer vacation in paradise, until their ex-partners show up.

Find out the hours of Revenge of the Ex-VIPs according to your location:

Revenge of the former VIPs is transmitted in the following signals:

The episodes of The Revenge of the Ex-VIPs are broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday through MTV at 10.00 p.m. m You can connect to MTV through any pay TV service.

In addition to the MTV signal, you can enjoy the program with the streaming service of Paramount + which you can access from a smartphone or computer.

You can follow the minute by minute of The revenge of the ex VIP LIVE ONLINE FREE through the section of Shows of La República.