Ricardo Gareca does not forget the Peruvian team: “He left something very deep in me”

Ricardo Gareca returned to Peru, but not to assume the technical direction of a team or to hold a managerial position in the Peruvian team. The ‘Tiger’ spent a couple of days in our country as part of his participation in the “20th Peruvian Congress on People Management”, organized by the Association of Good Employers (ABE).

The former Bicolor coach presented details of his seven-year experience at the helm of the national team at the event. Prior to this appointment, the Argentine offered an interview to the media Semana Económica, in which he spoke about his time at Blanquirroja, the defeat in the World Cup playoff, the affection of the fans and more.

“We are calm that we gave everything, I gave everything to Peru. All I could give him, I gave him. I recognize that I could have made a different decision, but that is part of the experience and you never stop making mistakes. As I was dedicated to this and gave everything, I have nothing to reproach myself with.”

“The anger we all have, between players, those who make up the team and the country, for not having achieved classification. But I can’t stay stuck in what doesn’t come back anymore, because it’s part of my profession. You win, you lose, and you have to get out of the situation quickly to continue growing. The guys gave it their all, and all of us who were there did the same. From then on, I’m calm.”

“One has to get used to closing processes, but neither you nor I can see the future. Within one’s career there are places where affection is deeper and is never forgotten, it is always present. Peru will never be one more step: it is a mark that left something very deep in me, and I feel great affection and admiration for the Peruvian player and for the people. However, I cannot assure you if I will return or not.

“Thanks to the Peruvian people, to all the people here and abroad. We will never forget what they did to us”, concluded Gareca.