Ricardo Gareca on Pedro Aquino’s injury: “The national team is not an enemy of the clubs”

Despite the two victories obtained by the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers, the Peruvian team presented some casualties with a view to their next commitments. Pedro Aquino could be added to the confirmed absences of Miguel Trauco and Luis Advíncula, suspended due to accumulation of cards. The midfielder was injured against Venezuela and, according to various Mexican media, his club would complain to FIFA about what happened.

“The national team is not an enemy of the clubs, it always works with the clubs. We always collaborate with the clubs, we want them to do well, especially for the boys who play in their respective teams ”, said the coach about the ‘Roca’.

“What happened with Pedro was a fatality, at no time did we risk it. If he had the ability to enter, it was because he was 100% recovered, otherwise we would not have risked anyone (…) We regret everything that happened and we have an excellent relationship with everyone. We understand the concern of the club and we will always collaborate with the institutions in what they consider, but they must also understand the position of the national team, it is not that we do what comes to mind, we do what we can do according to the regulations, “he said.

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