Ricardo Gareca’s emotional message to the foreigners of League 1: “Let’s think more than anything about the future”

Today the Peruvian team played a friendly match with the foreign players of League 1, in the complex of the Videna (Villa Deportiva Nacional), at 10 in the morning. Likewise, Ricardo Gareca took the floor.

“I thank you on behalf of the national team, I transmitted the same to the boys; Thank you for coming to collaborate. You too take care because you are in the middle of the work process ”, Tigre Gareca began.

The word of the Tiger

“I told Carlos (Bustos) that here there is no obligation to do 90 minutes, that is, whatever you can, any annoyance stops automatically. For us it is important in itself that they have come. We consider it a lot, “he said.

Regarding the requirement for this game, the Bicolor coach pointed out that it should be considered in League 1 is just around the corner. “We consider that they work in the preseason, they have to think that more than anything else, any friction is fixed in seconds and everything calms down,” he said.

Finally, Ricardo Gareca asked foreigners to think about the future, not only that of the national team but also of everyone. And he said goodbye thanking them again for attending the Videna.

“Let us think more than anything about the future, about what is coming to the national team and about you, that it helps us in performance to be able to work. I thank you and do not feel in a commitment to give everything, above all to do a good practice ”, he concluded.

Peru vs. League 1 foreigners: formations

Peru: Gallese; Lora, Ramos, Callens, López; Castillo, Calcaterra, Yotún, Mora, Flores and Valera. | DT: Ricardo Gareca.

All star: Limousin; Ciucci, Miguez, Valoyes, Renteria; Ayarza, Figuera, Vélez, Millán, Benítez and Ovelar. | DT: Carlos Bustos.

Peru vs. League 1 foreigners – live

Ricardo Gareca’s message