‘Ricardo Montaner’ from Yo soy worries when appearing on crutches: “It is forbidden to surrender”

The Peruvian impersonator of Ricardo Montaner Hugo Apaza, is far from the competition of I am: international battles, where his counterpart, the Ecuadorian Cristian Danielle, has performed. One of the reasons for his absence from the program would be his health. Through social networks, the artist worried his fans by publishing a photo in which he appears wearing crutches and with his foot in a cast.

“It is forbidden to give up, every time you fall or have a bad time, you have to get up, learn from mistakes and move forward as an even stronger person,” wrote the ‘Ricardo Montaner’ of Yo soy in the post.

Immediately, his followers sent him messages of support for his speedy recovery and asked him to return to the Latina contest to challenge the Ecuadorian. However, he has not yet commented on the matter.

“Good vibes Hugo! God help you to recover soon “,” Take care of yourself, Huguito, you are strong “,” I wish you to recover very soon “,” We want to see you in the Great international battles of I am “,” Hugo returns to Great battles international and face Ricardo Montaner from Ecuador, you are very good “, were some of the comments.

Everything indicates that Hugo Apaza would have suffered an accident recently. In the publications he made for Christmas, he was happy to be reunited with his fan club and shortly before the New Year, he offered face-to-face shows in which he is observed without crutches.

However, the impersonator of the ballad singer has not given further details about his health.