Ricardo Morán defends himself from attacks by the alleged mother of his children: “He does not want to be located”

Ricardo Morán is once again in the eye of the storm due to the possession of his two small children Emiliano and Catalina, born as a result of a surrogacy in the United States. The producer has received more than one criticism on social networks due to the presence of the “mother” of the twins, criticisms that he has not hesitated to respond to from his Twitter account.

“The babies in the surrogate’s uterus are not her children, they were conceived in a laboratory from my sperm and an anonymous egg, whose origin cannot be known. The one giving birth does not have to be the mother today. Is it so difficult to understand? ”The former jury of I am wrote in confusion.

The Latina figure explained that he is solely responsible for the upbringing of the children, since the egg and womb donors renounced their right two and a half years ago when the procedure was carried out.

“Both legally waived in front of a judge any right. The judge handed down a sentence leaving exclusive paternity to me. There is nothing more to discuss (…) Parents are those who raise. Anonymous untraceable without knowledge or interest of where their eggs went, they are not parents “, he asserted Moran.

The producer also questioned whether the egg donor is called “mother”, since he has no knowledge of the birth of the twins and no intention of taking care of them.

“The egg donor? I don’t know why you say “mother”. She doesn’t want it to be known. Donate eggs all the time. There is no way to locate it. She is a woman who does not want to be located. And that he does not know who I am or who the children who were born from his eggs are ”, he concluded.

Through their social networks, the former jury of Yo soy also mentioned the lawsuit that they will file against the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec) by not letting it register Emiliano and Catalina as their children because they only have one father.

“I did not know that they would reject it, because the Constitution protects me. I did not imagine that RENIEC would go against the Constitution. It would be easier to get out. But they didn’t raise me that way. I buy myself the lawsuit ”, indicated the television figure.