Ricardo Morán defends himself from criticism for the alleged mother of his children: “I have exclusive paternity”

He did not take any more attacks. Ricardo Morán got tired of the criticism for having the possession of his two children and pointed out once again why his little ones do not have a mother, since they were born through a surrogacy in the United States.

On his official Twittter account, the television producer took the time to respond to every comment on this issue, ensuring that he has exclusive paternity.

“The babies in the surrogate’s uterus are not her children, they were conceived in a laboratory from my sperm and an anonymous egg, whose origin cannot be known. The one giving birth does not have to be the mother today. Is it so difficult to understand? ”, He said.

In that sense, he indicated that he takes care of his children because it is his right since the egg and womb donor renounced them.

“Both legally waived in front of a judge any right. The judge handed down a sentence leaving exclusive paternity to me. There is nothing more to discuss (…) Parents are those who raise. Anonymous untraceable without knowledge or interest of where their eggs went, they are not parents “, he sentenced.

Ricardo Morán He rebuked those who call “mother” a person who only donated the egg, because no one knows of the existence of the twins.

“The egg donor? I don’t know why you say “mother”. She doesn’t want it to be known. Donate eggs all the time. There is no way to locate it. She is a woman who does not want to be located. And he doesn’t know who I am or who the children are who were born from his eggs, “he added.

Ricardo Morán reveals amparo action against RENIEC to register his children

Ricardo Morán announced new actions that he will take so that Reniec finally registers his children as his own. Thus, he indicated that an amparo action will be presented in the Judicial Power.

“We have fought for two and a half years … for RENIEC to allow us to register Emiliano and Catalina, we tried to do so, they made us observations, we corrected the observations, then they told us no, we made an appeal and it was denied. After finishing the administrative procedures Today I am signing the amparo action in the Judicial Power, “he said.