Ricardo Morán regrets cancellation of the celebration for the 10th anniversary of Rayo en la Botella

This Saturday, February 4, 2023, lightning in the bottle, producer of Ricardo Morán, was going to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its foundation; however, this cannot be carried out due to the lack of necessary permits to carry out the event, in which it was expected to have the presence of personalities from the show who went through the programs carried out by the audiovisual company. The celebration was planned to take place at the MATE, located in the Barranco district, where Serenazgo personnel arrived.

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Ricardo Morán speaks on social networks

The owner of Lightning in the Bottle, Ricardo Morán, used his social networks to rule on the cancellation of the event. The ex-juror of “I am” left a statement in which he revealed details of what happened and announced that his company will be available to the authorities because there is even talk of a forged signature.

“With great sadness, we have to tell you that Rayo’s 10-year event has been canceled due to a very serious mistake made by the processors assigned by the local MATE. We will soon announce the details, thank you all for want to join us. A hug”, he initially wrote on his Instagram and then published a longer text.

“We make ourselves available to the District Municipality of Barranco, the National Prosecutor’s Office, the National Police of Peru (…) in order to initiate each and every one of the actions that must be taken against the legal representatives of the Mario Testino Association”, subscribes part of the pronouncement.

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Serenazgo staff cancels Lightning in the Bottle event

Serenazgo’s staff Ravine went to the MATE venue where the decade of the founding of the production company Rayo en la botella was going to be celebrated. According to municipal officials, the event would not have the necessary permission to take place and those who expected to enter the event received a request to leave the place to avoid blocking the pedestrian crossing.

“It is communicated at this time that the event does not have municipal authorization. Consequently, it cannot be carried out. I ask you, please and with the due respect that you (the attendees) deserve, leave the sidewalk free so as not to hinder the pedestrian crossing,” said one of the workers from the local municipality.