Ricardo Morán reveals that he left Twitter to take care of his mental health: “This environment is toxic”

The renowned producer Ricardo Morán caused a great commotion in social networks after announcing his return to the small screen in a new program that promises to give something to talk in Peru. However, not everything is happiness because he constantly receives strong insults.

Recall that a while ago the popular public figure moved away from television, but not only from that because he also disappeared from Twitter, surprising his thousands of followers who cheered for his return to the screens and the well-known social network.

Now, Ricardo Morán is once again active on his digital platforms and does not remain silent before the negative comments he receives, but he also shares those of the users who support him. “What patience you seem to have, I just hope you don’t end up in crisis because of so much smugness you have to read,” wrote a netizen.

In this regard, Ricardo Morán told why he left Tuwtter. “Last year I had to leave Twitter and take care of my mental health. This environment is toxic, but from time to time an idea creeps in, a gold nugget rolls among the tweets and we learn something,” he said.

Ricardo Morán calls Twitter user a “beast” for opposing the COVID-19 vaccine

He was not silent. Ricardo Moran He is one of the public figures who constantly insists Peruvians to get vaccinated against COVID-19 for the sake of their health and that of others. Through your official account Twitter, the producer responded to a user who had commented on one of his publications stating that “the brand of clothing is in the vaccine.”

“‘Vestia’. It’s clear who the ‘vestia’ is here,” he wrote angrily. This action caused many users to react to the tweet showing that they were for and against what Morán said. Just as there were people who were not in favor, there were others who agreed with his words. “If the” dress “is going to prevent me from dying of COVID, welcome. Do not screw with this nonsense. Already in the queue!”, You can read in one of the comments.