Ricardo Morán reveals why he left Twitter: “It is a toxic environment”

In the last weeks, Ricardo Moran has been very active in social networks, especially in Twitter where he tells his followers the problem he has with Reniec, because he cannot register his children, and the legal battle he has started against the organization for violating the rights of children.

In the midst of all this, Peru’s talented jury has also been the victim of cruel comments for being gay. Given this, the producer revealed that he moved away from Twitter for the damage that the comments against him were causing him.

This confession was given because a user highlighted Ricardo Morán’s tolerance for receiving criticism and insults on said social network. “What patience you have, I just hope you don’t end up in crisis because of so much smugness you have to read,” wrote the follower.

Morán did not hesitate to respond with his explanation: “Last year I had to get off Twitter and take care of my sanity. This environment is toxic but from time to time an idea creeps in, a gold nugget rolls among the tweets and we learn something ”, he commented.

Ricardo Morán criminally denounced Reniec because, after two and a half years, he still cannot register his two children in the organization and neither can he nationalize them Peruvians. According to the Civil Code, there cannot be a birth certificate where only the father is registered, since they only consider the mother.

After being absent from television to dedicate himself to the care of his two children, Ricardo Morán returns as a jury for Peru, the new Latina reality show that is soon to be released has talent.