Ricardo Rondón: “Guiliana Rengifo cannot cover the sun with a finger” (PHOTO)

The journalist Ricardo Rondón referred to the controversial interview he did on the program “En boca de todos” with Giuliana Rengifo, which deserved positive comments from Magaly Medina herself, her antagonist.

Without mincing words, the press man revealed that he went “with his leg up”, because it is his style, also because he considers that the Piuran singer cannot cover the sun with a finger.

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“One cannot be petty when the evidence is there. Giuliana can say that the guy was separated, but it is clear that he is a married man. He also says that he messed with another girl before, but the media character is her, “he said. Ricardo Rondon.

Giuliana talks about bullying against her, that this is affecting her family

She should have thought about that just before exposing herself to a married man, especially considering that she is a public person and this was going to have an impact on the press and digital portals. Then it is not worth complaining, nor is it worth biting. Do not forget that a person is the consequence of her own actions.

What would you advise?

Only that he sulks and realizes that he made a serious mistake by exposing himself and airing a situation like this, with a married man with three children.

Magaly Medina threw flowers at your interview

Given what the lady said, I can’t be petty, you have to know how to recognize who had the scoop, who showed the irrefutable evidence. Things are clearer than water, it is news that has caused a revolution in public opinion. Nobody can try to deny what is undeniable.

Before they were soccer players, now Notaries are in fashion

That’s right, only this apparently does not legalize their meetings, rather he does not know them.

What would you give to Giuliana who turns 39 today?

I would give him a trip to the past to erase his hat with the notary and avoid his ampay with the ardent Notary. And he would advise her not to do to others what he doesn’t want them to do to you, an elementary rule of life.

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