Richard Acuña is caught returning to Lima from Chiclayo, but only: “Without Brunella Horna”

The model Brunella Horna is in the middle of the eye of the storm after revealing that she is going through a difficult time due to her state of health. For this reason, the public figure decided to make an unexpected decision in her workplace after resigning.

As is known, the young businesswoman said goodbye to América Hoy to be able to keep absolute rest and announced her trip to Trujillo, where she flew with Richard Acuña and both shared special moments together.

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Let us remember that the well-known Brunella Horna He told on his social networks that he traveled to his homeland to Pimentel to try one of his favorite hamburgers. Now, the former congressman was caught returning to Lima to apparently continue his work.

the portal of instarandula shared the photograph that would verify that Richard Acuna He returned to the capital, but without his wife, who is in a difficult moment.

“Taking advantage of the fact that we are all very focused on Jossmery (Toledo) and (Paolo) Hurtado, Richard returns to Lima without baby Brune,” wrote entertainment journalist Samuel Suárez.

Also, the former television reporter He added the comment that his follower ‘ratuja’ sent him. “Acuña in Trujillo airport without Brune”, reads the short message.

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What details did Brunella Horna provide about her health?

The model Brunella Horna He decided to communicate with his colleagues from América Hoy by phone to talk about the situation that is happening to his health, but he said that he could not reveal what he is experiencing on television and generated more mystery.

“They have been hard days, and I thank you. I have been able to send you photos of what I am going through. I thank you for being my friends,” he said.

“Everyone around me knows the process I’m going through, you know because you are my friends, but I can’t say it publicly. The last day I went to Pachacamac I had the biggest scare of my life,” he added.