Richard Acuña shares photos with his twins after First Communion, without Brunella

Trouble in paradise. Recently, the model Brunella Horna surprised more than one by revealing that it is not among her plans to marry her partner, Richard Acuña. First, he hinted that there are aspects of his partner that he does not support, such as his cleanliness. Nevertheless, Oven made it clear that he is happy with the ex-congressman.

But, the moment of truth occurred when they asked her about a future marriage. Before that, the popular ‘Baby Brune’ confessed and denied that she now wants to go to the altar, as she expressed it before. “Not today (I want to get married)“he pointed out, shocking everyone.

After these statements, now Richard Acuña is happier than ever, but without Brunella, after his children received First Communion, one of the most important sacraments for Catholics.

Through Instagram, The former congressman wanted to share his joy with his followers: “Yesterday my twins made their First Communion and received the Sacrament of the Eucharist, I always thank God for giving me children with kind hearts and above all respect for others. I love them! “, he said in his social network.

Brunella Horna reveals LIVE what she can’t stand about Richard Acuña: “He’s very orderly”

In this edition of America Today, Brunella Horna he also ended up talking about his romance with Richard Acuna now that they live together. She revealed what she doesn’t like about him. “I can’t stand it being so orderly,” he said, to later talk about not paying any attention to him when they watch football games.

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