Richard Acuña was seen returning to Lima after spending a few days in Chiclayo with Brunella Horna

A few days ago, Brunella Horna communicated exclusively with “América hoy” to report that she will not be able to continue as host of the program due to health complications. The model has caused great concern among her followers by keeping her diagnosis private. In addition, she indicated that she has preferred to go through this entire process in the company of her parents and grandparents, which is why she recently traveled to Chiclayo with her husband. Richard Acuna.

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Richard Acuña caught at the airport

samuel suarez, creator of the entertainment portal “Instarándula”, shared an image of Richard Acuña at the airport on his way back to Lima, after spending a few days with Brunella Horna, who is going through a difficult moment in her life. “Acuña in Trujillo airport without Brune” was the message sent by a ‘ratuja’.

“Taking advantage of the fact that we are all very focused on Jossmery (Toledo) and (Paolo) Hurtado, Richard returns to Lima without the ‘baby’ Brune”, added the communicator in one of his Instagram stories. In the snapshot, the politician can be seen with a small backpack waiting to board the plane.

Richard Acuña was captured at the airport. Photo: Instagram/Instarandula

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Why is Brunella Horna not in Lima?

In conversation with his colleagues from “America today”, Brunella Horna reported that he is in Chiclayo with his family, because he wants to go through all this complicated health process next to his loved ones. Also, he said that the doctor has recommended absolute rest, so he does not know how long he will stay in his hometown.

“I thought I would be working there in this process, but it was not possible. God knows why things are done. (…) I am not going to make any more mistakes, I am not going to be rebellious to go out and ignore it. Since that scare I had that Monday I haven’t moved, I have traveled to Chiclayo with all the care, now I am at home”, he commented.

Brunella Horna reappears on the “América Hoy” program after the complaint made against her husband Richard Acuña. Photo: composition LR/Brunella Horna/Instagram