Richard Douglas will present the play “I believe in marriage”

The veteran Dominican actor Richard Douglas returns to the stage with the play “I believe in marriage,” which will be presented on Wednesday, December 1, at 8:00 pm at Chao Café Teatro.

In approximately 70 minutes, this work addresses the reality of life as a couple in a frank, fresh and entertaining way. “This is a personal journey through our loves, disappointments, frustrations, spite and even embarrassments,” said Douglas.

He also said that this funny Mono-Up (monologue / stand-up mix), -as the director, Ramón Santana has coined it-, will present himself as a Juan Tenorio, that is, with the conviction that life Perfect is accompanied, because as Mark Twain assures “to get the most out of joy you have to have someone to share it with”.

In that sense, Douglas said that “the play has drama and humor. I am sure that the public will enjoy it because it is a mirror of life as a couple; it is also a bit of my history ”.

He assured that he is happy to return to the tables after the pause generated by the pandemic. “I have returned to seek my applause and I am grateful that I found the support of Raeldo López and Ramón Santana, who have a great talent for theatrical direction. I am happy because in this play I will put my facets as an actor, producer and playwright into your consideration ”.

To see the play, tickets are on sale at Uepa Tickets, the Listín Diario Readers’ Club and at the Chao Café Teatro box office