Richarlison: from growing up in the middle of drugs in a favela to being one of the best soccer players in Brazil

The Brazil’s selection It is characterized by having several soccer stars on its campus. One of them is undoubtedly Richarlison. The Tottenham Hotspur FC striker made his debut with Canarinha in the best possible way at the Qatar 2022 World Cup, scoring twice in the win against Serbia. However, before becoming a star in his country’s national squad, the footballer lived a tough childhood in a favela in Brazil.

Richarlison de Andrade He only played in two teams in Brazil at a professional level, since his good performances in the local tournament allowed him to sign for Watford in England for the 2017-2018 season. It is from this that he began to stand out on the European continent. Today he is a member of the Tottenham Hotspur FC squad, in which he has other stars like Harry Kane as a partner.

In December 2021, richarlison revealed in an interview with the Spanish media AS that he faced serious financial difficulties together with his family. “My childhood was very poor. Since I was little I saw my parents working all day and every month it was difficult to have enough money to reach the minimum ”, she pointed out.

He sold all kinds of products to help in the home economy. “I worked since I was a child selling sweets, ice cream or coffee to help at home and I worked in the fields to help my parents,” he added.

But the lack of money was not the only thing he faced. Another scourge that she had to face was the crime that existed in the area where she lived. Even, as he indicated, several of his childhood friends ended up in prison or murdered for having gotten into the world of drugs.

During those years he also lived an experience that marked him for the rest of his life. When he returned from his training, a subject pointed a gun at him and threatened to kill him, since he thought that richarlison he sold drugs.

“He pointed his gun at my head and threatened me, but I had the peace of mind to explain that I was on my way home and that I didn’t sell or use drugs. They wanted to shoot me, but soccer literally saved my life. Although it is easier to talk now, it was about something that marked my childhood and encouraged me to follow a very different path from the one that some friends ended up, ”she related.

His first years as an athlete were not easy for him. richarlison. He came to consider the idea of ​​leaving football since no club accepted him in his squad.

“I was about to give up soccer, but I raised my head and went to Belo Horizonte, only with the money for the one-way ticket for the last test I had, at América MG. If he didn’t pass, he didn’t have the money to return to Espiritu Santo, 600 kilometers from there. I gave my life that morning and I passed, ”he declared to the aforementioned medium.

From then on, he began to stand out at the club. In 2016, he signed for Fluminense and the following year he traveled to England to join the Watford FC squad. He then went to the ranks of Everton. After a successful season, Tottenham Hotspur FC decided to sign him.

richarlison debuted with the Brazil’s selection in 2018 in a duel against El Salvador. After that, he played in the 2019 Copa América and the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. His good performances led him to be part of the squad for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. In his first game in this tournament, he scored the only two goals of the match that gave victory to his country.

richarlison he is 25 years old. The forward of the Brazilian team was born on May 10, 1997 and, despite his young age, he stands out in the Canarinha and in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.