Ricky Trevitazzo reveals how he invested the money he earned in Skándalo: “I always helped my old man”

Nice gesture! Ricky Trevitazzo recalled that with the salary he earned in the group Skandalor was helping his father, who passed away many years ago. “It was my priority,” the singer replied after being asked what he did with the fortune he amassed throughout the time he was part of the well-known cumbia youth group.

This afternoon, Thursday May 25, the cumbiambero and his partner Luigui Carbajal were the guests of the program ‘Send who sends’ and remembered his beginnings in music. One of the questions that most attracted attention during the interview was that of Maria Pia Copello: “You made a fortune, what did you do with all that money?”

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This was the forceful response of the cumbia singer who became known in said group which, truth be told, was a success among adolescents. “At that time, my priority was always to help my ‘old man’, I fixed his house, I built him the second floor. My priority was always him,” said the businessman.

On the other hand, ‘The Charlotte’, with whom he worked on ‘Welcome the afternoon’, he told Ricky that, beyond money, his greatest treasure is his 5 children. This moment was very emotional for the singer who has been married for almost 20 years with Brenda Vargas. He spoke of the beautiful facet of him as a great dad.

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Ricky Trevitazzo: What is his real name and how old is he?

Ricky Trevitazzo it’s actually called Elverth Rodriguez Trevitazzo and is 45 years old. He made his music debut when he was very young, participated in reality shows and also acted in some national productions. He has always been characterized as having a fun personality.

A few years ago, he confessed that he feels like a complete chibolo, despite the fact that he is over 40 years old. “I lead a very quiet life, away from scandals, with my wife and my five children. I am dedicated to my work,” the artist mentioned in an interview with The popular.