Ricky Trevitazzo reveals that Luigi Carbajal’s girlfriend is his niece: “He loves me so much that he will marry her”

The singers Ricky Trevitazzo and Luigi Carbajal visited the set of Women in command to tell details of their artistic life and the friendship that has united them for several years. At one point, they were surprised to point out that they are already like a family, since Dorita Orbegoso’s ex is the boyfriend of Ricky’s niece.

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“I have known Ricky since ’98 or ’99, but the truth is that I have not been such a friend of Ricky when we met because I was more with Luis, then over time we struck up a friendship. We are already a family,” said Luigi Carbajal .

Ricky Trevitazzo He considered that the friendship has become so strong that he will even marry his niece. “He loves Me so much that he is going to marry my niece,” he pointed out.

“I didn’t know I was his niece… Ricky is my great-uncle. I found out later, I didn’t know,” Luigi Carbajal defended himself.

“My niece is 22 and he is 41, they are going to call him grandpa,” Ricky said with a laugh.

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Dorita Orbegoso sends a thoughtful message after the upcoming wedding of her ex Luigi Carbajal

Dorito Orbegoso was consulted about the upcoming wedding of her ex-partner Luigi Carbajal with a young girl. The “brunette” preferred not to comment directly on it and sent a thoughtful message about not looking back.

“It would be going backwards. I already have a family, I am calm with my business vision. Rstand back and think, what for? (…) I have nothing to say, but I don’t go back, I move forward. I am calm, with my baby, single, working and happy, “she said.