Rituals and eggs for a renewal

Sharing, decorating eggs with different colors, or filled with almonds and covered in chocolate, and the use of the rabbit symbol is a tradition that has spread over the years in spring, when the resurrection of Jesus, the Christ, Easter Sunday.

Some countries, such as Poland, usually take the Catholic Church on Glory Saturday to bless a basket of eggs that the children previously decorated and will later use for Easter Sunday. It is the symbol of a new life.

Eggs represent creation, doing these Easter rituals at this time is used to tune in to the energy of the manifestation and flowering of our plans. Some rituals with the egg include preparing the egg concentrating on our purposes and our good wishes to our neighbor while we are preparing it with the chocolate.

Eggs painted with the colors typical of spring bring to our lives the vigor that the colors themselves provide. The tradition has been sustained over time by trade and children’s games that consist of hiding chocolate eggs in the gardens and in the houses to later find them and assemble their baskets.

The origin of these traditions is diverse, depending on the culture and geographical location. There are those who say that in the Middle Ages the church prohibited the consumption of meat in Lent and the egg was included, it is said that people painted them to differentiate them from frescoes and consume them after fasting during Lent.

Others review the origin of this custom in the goddess Ostara, from whom we inherit the name of Easter, the ancient divinity of spring, in times when the equinoxes and solstices were honored and it is considered that the light of spring broke with the darkness of the winter months.

This time is very conducive to rituals that help focus your energies in one direction. Traditionally it is cleaned from the inside out, it is customary to wash curtains, turn the mattresses, refresh the house, make incense with plants, pour holy water, place flowers and scents that transmit well-being, grace and light to the house and to the practitioner. or place seeds and spices, predicting success and prosperity in the season.

Rituals and visits to temples or performing sweet rituals, meditating or waking up praying and giving thanks acquire meaning when they help you connect with the divine part of your being and restore your spiritual self, but it lacks force when you do not honor your words, do not you are congruent with your actions. If you leave a salutation to the sun, a distant trip to the pyramids or visit temples and then utter curses and complaints, you run over others with your actions, you lower your vibration. Every place you step on is sacred because of the goodness in your intention, the generosity in your actions and the affable treatment, the product of finding the face of God in each being and the care of the place where you live.