Rivalry between Gisela and Magaly: what are the emotional letters that “Señito” sent to Medina?

Magaly Medina and Gisela Valcárcel are considered the most famous hosts on Peruvian TV due to the success they have had on their programs. At the same time, for more than 25 years, both have starred in a public rivalry.

However, few know that in the past Gisela maintained communication with Magaly through letters. Check here all the details of those letters.

Magaly Medina began her career as a journalist in the 1990s, when she worked for the magazine Listen. At that time, he had an opinion column in which he commented on the famous television personalities that existed at that time.

Among them stood out Gisela Valcárcel, who was driving “Hello, Gisela” and decided to answer Magaly’s criticism. Since then, the ‘comadres’ have had a public feud.

“At the time of Oiga I hit everyone (the famous ones). The only one who stepped on the stick was Gisela, who in her high-rated program answers me, silly her, because a journalist from a written medium usually never has the arrival of a person who is on television, “said Magaly in the program” The value of truth”.

In the missing Latina program, Magaly Medina also confessed that Gisela Valcárcel sent her an emotional letter. According to the ‘Urraca’, that letter was given after having strongly criticized Gisela in the magazine Oiga, for which the ‘Señito’ asked her to stop her attacks and not interfere in her rivalry with her daughter her Ethel Pozo.

“She (Gisela) wrote me a letter once, from mother to mother, it really made me feel bad because I am also a mother. In that letter, she told me that I had to understand that (Ethel) was a girl who had to deal with a very famous mother, that in itself was causing her a lot of problems and I was making it much more difficult for her, “ held.

After that letter that Gisela sent her, Magaly Medina assured that she put herself in Valcárcel’s place and decided not to talk about Ethel Pozo anymore. Likewise, she accepted that she went too far in criticizing “Señito”.

“(I overdid it) with Gisela. I put myself in his place, (I thought my son could go through that), totally. So, I decided not to talk about Ethel anymore,” she said.

Years later, after several dimes and diretes, in his program “Magaly TeVe”, Medina showed another letter that Gisela Valcárcel sent him in his own handwriting, on the occasion of his birthday.

“My dear comadre, congratulations, we are the same age again,” it reads at the beginning. Later, the “Señito” in front of the cameras also dedicated an emotional birthday greeting to her: “Congratulations, enjoy what you now have, enjoy love,” she said.