Robert Muñoz from ‘Clavito y su chela’ cannot get a job in his 3 careers in the US: “It depresses you”

Like Jessica TapiaRobert Muñoz, singer of the group of ‘Clavito and his chela’, revealed how difficult it is to stay in the United States, the country where he now resides and works hard to be able to give the best to his family. However, he noted that he cannot exercise the three careers that he has.

Robert Munoz revealed that he has a bachelor’s degree in Education, a degree in Administration and a doctorate in Security and Mining; however, in order to practice in the United States, one must have residency and that is complicated. In this sense, he wanted to reflect that life in Uncle Sam’s country is not so simple.

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“Here I cannot practice my professions, because you have to follow a process to obtain residence, it is complicated and that sometimes depresses you,” he revealed. Robert Munoz In an interview with Trome, where he also said that he recently went through a tremendous scare in his life, because they detected a tumor.

“In the musical part, when I arrived, the pandemic started and I couldn’t do shows, on top of that I couldn’t go out due to the covid, it was difficult and recently I got scared, I thought the worst because they detected a tumor”, was what he replied Robert Munozwho for the moment continues to live in the United States.

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What does Robert Muñoz do in the United States?

Robert Munoz He will already be living in the United States for three years, a country where he arrived with his wife Andrea Fonseca and their eldest daughter in 2020 to complete a tour, however, they did not expect that the coronavirus pandemic would affect them and make it turn a thousand trades

It is so Robert Munoz of ‘Clavito y su chela’ he began as a hairdresser, something he learned in his military experience. That’s how he started going house to house. In addition, in the United States, he has worked as a welder and driver of heavy machinery.