Robert Muñoz, from “Clavito y su chela”, denounces his ex-wife for copying his songs and she responds: “No one listens to him”

He singer Robert Muñoz is gradually raising his orchestra again “Clavito and his chela“After overcoming a crisis that arose as a result of the pandemic, let’s remember that when the musical group traveled to the United States they could not return due to the pandemic. This also led to many economic losses. He and his current wife Andrea Fonseca managed to get out forward at any rate.

However, the origins of his musical group with his ex wife Pilar Astucuri is taking its toll on her, since the singer also wants to relaunch the hits of “Clavito y su chela” but without following the proper procedure recognizing the copyrights that belong to her ex-partner. This with the iconic theme of the group “I feel like I can’t live without you”.

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Robert Muñoz will sue Pilar Astucuri for appropriating his musical theme

Indignant. He vocalist Robert Munoz he is determined to enter into a legal battle with the love of his life for singing the song “I feel like I can’t live without you” without his permission. This after launch soloist of what is now called “La chelita de la cumbia” with songs that are not hers.

“Don’t you think there should be a minimum of respect and professionalism? Say: “I want to ask for authorization to record the songs and their compositions.” It must have been a negotiation and conversation. She wants to capitalize on things that are not, so I will proceed to the demand,” he pointed out to “america today“. In addition, munoz He revealed that thanks to social networks he was able to realize that his ex-partner had appropriated his song.

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Pilar Astucuri reveals why she is not afraid of Roberto Muñoz’s lawsuit

When asked about the possible actions that the musician would be about to take against her, the soloist was firm with her decision to continue billing with her ex-partner’s songs, since she assured that she feels like a strong and confident woman and does not he will be intimidated by Muñoz as he was in his past.

“I also have my fear of defense, I am no longer afraid of him. Before, I was afraid of him because of the physical and psychological violence that I suffered from him. And I am not saying it but five more women,” he revealed.

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Robert Muñoz defends himself against accusations by Pilar Astucuri

He artist denied the accusations of Astucuri about having been her aggressor and that of five other women, assuring that it was he who had to put up with a lot in their relationship.

“I accepted horns when I was with her. The psychological abuse was only an excuse. I suffered from depression and my friend Dilbert was complicit in all my sorrows. Also, it seems unfair to me that this is a reason for him to appropriate the songs. I’ve had very hard times. I didn’t get over that moment easily, I didn’t know where to get a stage, get a guitar, and now we’re relaunching and she comes with this,” he told the morning show program.

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Robert Muñoz patches Janet Barboza for ensuring that his ex-wife has rights in “Clavito y su chela”

Before beginning the interview, the host Janet Barboza assured that Pilar Astucuri would be singing the hits of the musical group because the term “y su Chela” referred to the singer, well let’s remember that at the launch of the group they were married and it was Pillar the one that encouraged her husband to grow in his career as a singer.

However, Robert denied these statements and revealed the true reason for the name. “It’s called Clavito for me and the term chela is for my group Chicos Latinos, we took those initials and that word was formed,” he added.

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Robert Muñoz will remove the song “Siento que no puedo vivir sin ti” from music platforms

Finally, the musician assured that they will clean up all the musical platforms of singers who have not requested permission to sing the orchestra’s songs. “I have also done covers of Alex Munoz and of D’Ambrosio Hair and we have followed the correct procedure,” he said.