Roberto Ovelar controls his ball

Last year, Deportivo Municipal strengthened itself to fight for the championship but as the dates passed the objectives changed and they ended up saving the category. However, this 2022 promises to be different. This is how you see it Roberto Ovelar who decided to stay not only because of his affection for managers, fans and the institution, but also because he wants to make history in La Franja.

What is Municipal’s balance in 2021?

Soccerically speaking, we finished the year much better. Decision-making was difficult for many young people, something important in football. Now with this new DT they have assimilated that part much better. That helps us to grow. I’m sure Muni is going to have another face this year.

How and why did you decide to stay? Did they propose a sports project to you?

Yes, there is a sports project and I like the teacher’s style of play. Last semester I was about to return to Colombia because there were things that already cost you at this age, but anyway. We spoke with the club, they told me that they want an advance and I am here to help. The teacher also spoke with me and we want to give this institution an identity.

What are the team’s goals for 2022?

Build a good group at first. That each player can show their professionalism in each training session. In the short term it is to form a competitive squad. Then, in the medium term, it is to be able to maintain that style of playing and regularity. Starting from there, look for the objectives that is the title and qualify for an international cup. Is worth dreaming because we have a good group that today has changed the chip.

Unlike 2021, when everything was played in Lima, this year it will be decentralized. Hard matches are coming …

The geography here in Peru is very difficult but you have to know how to overcome adversity. The unconscious on many occasions plays against you, because you cannot go out and play with everything, but you have to always be on the block. Hopefully everything can be reflected in this championship.

Have you had to put a heavy hand on guys who don’t understand your football?

Yes, since I arrived. In the offensive part you have to be constantly moving because the teammates make movements. I train with the boys. When I go out, they must be in my place. Many people do not see the movements made by the forward center who goes out to look for, but they say “he is never in the area …”. They tell you stay in the area, but you don’t. It is very predictable.

How did you receive the news of the call to face the Peruvian team?

We were tipped off by the manager and coach. It seems to me that there is an objective behind it, that they can have a somewhat different friendly so that they can give a guideline on how they are in the football part. We will gladly do it so that it can serve you.

It says a lot that all the foreign strikers in League 1 have chosen you …

I don’t know how it was made to choose, but I take it in a good way because it helps me to face players who have been playing abroad for years.

Will there be a strong leg?

The idea is not to injure them but it will be fierce because once the referee whistles, there is no going back.