Roberto Ovelar: “The objective is the title and an international cup, it is worth dreaming”

Last year Municipal Sports He strengthened himself to fight for the championship, but as the dates passed the objectives changed and they ended up saving the category. However, this 2022 promises to be different. This is how Roberto Ovelar sees it, who decided to stay in the council not only because of his affection for managers, fans and the institution, but also because he wants to make history in La Franja.

In dialogue with La República, the 36-year-old forward confessed that he aspires to win a championship with Municipal or, failing that, qualify for an international cup. He also offered his opinion about the restriction of the public in the stadiums and the friendly match that he will hold against the Peruvian team this Wednesday, January 12, in Videna.

What is the balance of Municipal 2021?

Soccerically speaking, we finished the year much better. Decision-making was difficult for many young people, something that is important in football. Now with this new coach they have assimilated that part much better and they have helped us a lot. That helps us to grow and I am sure that this year Deportivo Municipal will have another face. For that the teacher has asked for some reinforcements and we hope that in 2022 we can start with that game idea that we have been shaping and that the results accompany us.

You open the day with ADT Tarma, do you feel the nerves of the league debut?

Yes, of course, for that we are preparing and we had a good preseason. The goal is there and we are waiting for the championship to start. Now that it’s postponed, we’re going to use this remaining time to finish connecting a few dots. In addition, the friendlies will also help us get to the start of the championship in a good way.

How and why did you decide to stay at Deportivo Municipal, did they propose a sports project to you?

There is a sports project and I like the teacher’s style of play. I had a formal proposal from Colombia to return again … Last semester I was about to return because there were things that already cost you at this age, but anyway. We spoke with the club, they told me that they want an advance and I am here to help.

The teacher spoke with me and we want to give this institution an identity. We try to make a structural change in many things and hopefully that can shine in this new era. I spoke to the president as well and he asked me to continue. That is important, the affection of the managers is an important part so that one can feel better. I feel loved by my teammates, coaching staff, managers and that helps a lot so that I can perform better.

The fans love you too …

Throughout these times we have not been able to have an arrival as such with the fans due to the issue of the pandemic, but I know that they are very aware of what we are doing. In some games they were in the hotel cheering us on all the time. We achieved permanence and they were happy because they live it in a different way. Here we are again one hundred percent to be able to give you a joy.

What are Municipal’s goals for 2022?

Build a good group at first. That each player can show their professionalism in each training session. In the short term, it is to form a competitive squad and that all the matches we can face them with enough responsibility, serenity and win the matches.

Then, in the medium term, it is to be able to maintain that style of playing and regularity. Starting from there, look for the objectives that is the title and qualify for an international cup. It is worth dreaming because we have a good group that today has changed the chip and we do not have that style of playing cancino.

The boys have assimilated very well and you have to give it. Hopefully we can show what we have been training and doing. That we go in the best way.

Unlike 2021, when everything was played in Lima, this 2022 will be decentralized. Hard matches are coming …

The geography here in Peru is very difficult, but you have to know how to overcome adversity. The unconscious on many occasions plays you, because you cannot go out and play with everything, but you always have to be on the block. Suddenly in three quarters the team can be together, as a block. Hopefully all that can be reflected in this championship.

How does Roberto Ovelar like to play?

I like to play as the teacher in charge 4-4-3, alone or with another striker. I would have no problem if the teacher wants to play with several people in the back, I would have no problem throwing myself back … (laughs).

I learned all that from Colombian soccer. There the football is intense, everyone plays and passes constantly. For almost 8 years, it has been going very well for me, I like to go out and play. When I played in Colombia, I would go out to receive balls and the other one would occupy my space.

Here many boys find it difficult when one descends. I see that Hernán Barcos does very well and the boys who play with him understand that way of playing. When one descends it is to remove or move the centrals and leave a space.

Have you had to put a heavy hand on guys who don’t understand your football?

Yes. Since I arrived. In the offensive part you have to be constantly moving because the teammates make the movements. For example Hernán is not a player who makes you a diagonal, but he gives that responsibility to young people of 20 years.

I train with the boys, when I go out, they must be in my place. In football, many people do not see the movements made by the forward center who goes out to look for, but they say “he is never in the area …”. Many do not know and they tell you to stay in the area, but it is not like that … It is very predictable.

What does Roberto Ovelar feel when entering a playing field and not seeing people in the stands?

I am used to playing in the big clubs with people. That part frustrates me a bit (not seeing an audience in the stands) and when I see that some colleagues do not put what they have to wear … I am used to the demand and each one has to comply with everything, you have to have your blood in eyes. A big club takes you to compete every day.

At first it was very difficult for me because I saw some colleagues who relaxed, but it is a process that one has to accept to cope with it. Hopefully this year it can be enabled and people go because we’ve been there for almost two years and they need to go to the stadium to shout and tell us a little things.

Hopefully the public is enabled for the start of the tournament …

Yes, because in Colombia you play with the public, in Paraguay too. At first they say 30 percent but in the end … they fill the stadiums. People like football a lot and you have to find the side for them to enter the stadiums.

What do you think about a stadium being closed and not a cinema or restaurant?

Unprofessional personal opinion, but every time we go to play we always see that the stadiums are large and 3,000 to 5,000 people can easily enter, since they are large and can be between 5 to 10 meters, so that the family can accompany us and the people also, but no.

In many situations one finds places that are closed and meets enough people. I do not agree, but I imagine that there is a legal, professional part, but yes … in an open field like a field, the assistants can easily enter.

How did you receive the news of the call to face the Peruvian team?

We were notified by the manager and the coach. It seems to me that there is an objective behind that they (the Peruvian team) may have as a somewhat different friendly so that they can give them an indication of how they are in the footballing part and we are going to do it with pleasure so that it can serve them.

It seems to me that their coach (Ricardo Gareca) knows and that is why he does it. We will help the national team players and coach.

It says a lot that all the foreign strikers in Peruvian football have chosen you.

I don’t know how it was so that they can choose, but I take it in a good way because it also helps me to face players who have been playing abroad for years and well, as I was saying, most of them are at the service so that they have a better vision. It is good to have this kind of player because they will be playing in the playoffs shortly.

Have you spoken with Carlos Bustos or just on Wednesday?

No, we haven’t had any talks yet. We will just get together on Wednesday and there we will talk. This is more to aid the selection. It’s just talking and on the field, the players adapt on the field, there we will adapt. At first it will be a bit messy but then people get loose and we will start playing.

Will there be a strong leg or not?

Sometimes yes, although the idea is not to injure them. But at the same time it will be a close match because once the referee whistles, there is no going back. It is played because it is played. It is a preparation for them and us, so in some situations I imagine that one will put the leg out or not look for a crash.