Robotín reveals why he appeared in Andrea: “As we were in a pandemic, there was a needle”

He told his truth. Alan Castillo, better known as Robotín, saw himself in the eye of the storm when he discovered that two of his three children were not his in the Andrea Llosa program, and now he finally broke his silence on a subject that he never spoke about.

The comedian was on a podcast called ‘BYH Podcast‘, and here he explained in detail what led him to want to be in Andrea a few months ago, taking an open signal DNA test.

Despite being exposed to all kinds of comments, Robotin revealed that he decided to make this appearance on his own, as it was he himself who sought out the production due to two factors.

“I looked for the program because the program was about DNA and I had received some tests from the mother of my daughters, some adulterous tests with certain people,” he said, speaking of the doubts he felt about his paternity.

in addition Robotin He was not going through a good financial time, and although he wanted to know the truth, he did not have the means or money to be able to take this type of exam.

“As we were in a pandemic, I was in misery and there were three DNAs that I was going to ask for and there are like 4 thousand lucas and I thought about it many times, if this hu … goes viral, everyone is going to jo …”, he said.

Robotín explodes in social networks after ending Robotina

Alan Castillo, known as Robotín, insulted and ranted against users, after announcing his separation from Robotina Well, I could not bear to continue being questioned in social networks, for issues such as their age difference and even branded as “agreed” to his ex-partner.

“To the HDP who comment that they are not my daughters, I love them, I raise them, I support them, that makes me their father and period, daughters of the heart, but what Xux * are you going to know about that kind of love , karma exists, period, “he said.