‘Robotín’ reveals why he looked for Andrea Llosa to clarify doubts about his paternity

Comedian Alan Castillo who characterizes the popular ‘Robotín’ told little-known details about his decision to visit Andrea Llosa’s program at the beginning of 2021 to clarify doubts about his paternity. In an interview with BYH Podcast, the comic actor revealed why he sought out the television host to discuss his private life.

According to her, she was suspicious of some evidence that the girls’ mother gave her. “I looked for the program because the program was about DNA and I had received some tests from the mother of my daughters, some adulterous tests with certain people,” he said.

Also, he mentioned that the economic issue greatly influenced this decision. “As we were in a pandemic, I was in misery and there were three DNAs that I was going to ask for and there are like 4,000 ‘lucas’,” he added Alan Castillo.

‘Robotín’ added that he thought a lot about the media pressure he was going to receive. “Oh, this hue *** goes viral, everyone is going to fuck me ***,” he told himself. However, he remained firm in the decision to know if he was the father of the girls.

The characterizer reappeared on television in early December 2021 to talk about the problems he had with Karelys Molina at that time. At one point in his talk with Amor y fuego, ‘Robotín’ pointed out that his ex-partner had asked him to take a new DNA test.

“The mother continues with the idea that they are mine. ‘They are yours, they are yours, I’m going to do it the other way (the DNA test)’ ”, he told the Willax show business space.

In July 2021, the comedian made his romance with Karelys Molina official, ‘Robotina’. During the Magaly Medina program, he gave details of how they met.

“It took me a lot to conquer her, more than a month. We were friends, I was falling in love with her, giving her little details (…) She arrived at a beautiful moment, when my life was a bit complicated. Then I met her and I liked her from the beginning … She was a girl focused on her work and we shared the same art, “said the actor.