Robotina arrives at EGS and hits Robotín small: “Why am I going to miss the opportunity to come here for him?” [VIDEO]

It was not expected! “El Gran Show” presented a surprise appearance that will give people something to talk about for the next few days. This is Robotina, who came to Gisela Valcárcel’s program to reinforce Robotín.

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After being the victim of alleged infidelity by the reality show contestant, Karelys Molina (Robotina) came to the dance set and made some things clear about her current relationship status.

She pointed out that Robotin invited her, but accepted after thinking it over. Karelys maintained that they both continued to work together in different ones and, based on this, she thought that if she continued to work with him, there was no reason not to reach the television space.

“I think it wasn’t so much what he told me, it was more because of what I thought. I wasn’t going to come for him because I didn’t want to see him, but after what happened, we’re still working together on shows. So, yes I’m still working with him, why am I going to miss the opportunity to come here for him?” Robotina sentenced.

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