Robotina threw Robotín out of her house and even threw her clothes off the balcony: “In garbage bags” [VIDEO]

He tired! The well-known Karelys Molina, better known as robotinehas been in the middle of the eye of the storm as a result of the alleged infidelity on the part of robotin. However, the public figure after ending their romantic relationship would have decided to remove her ex-partner from her apartment.

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Magaly is upset LIVE with Robotina for not believing Robotín’s infidelity: “You still doubt, why would I lie”

He did not tolerate it. Magaly Medina She was totally surprised when Robotina seemed to defend Robotín after the ampay with a 23-year-old young man, who calls herself the ‘robotine Peruvian’ because of the physical resemblance to her. And it is that despite all the evidence that the Urraca program showed, she still doubted it.

“That doesn’t say anything,” Robotina replies to the young girl, who claims she was intimate with her partner. “It seems that you defend him, you don’t believe that he has slept. You tend to doubt, why don’t you doubt, a girl comes and why would he lie because he slept with her since it is left as a snack,” she said furiously Magali Medina.