‘Robotina’: what did the Venezuelan Karelys Molina do before becoming famous with ‘Robotín’?

‘robotine’ In recent days, it has monopolized the covers after the infidelity scandal of ‘Robotín’, which came to light through a report shown by Magaly Medina. After that, the young Venezuelan Karelys Molina finds herself in the middle of the controversy, trying to justify Alan Castillo’s behavior and appear with him again.

As it is recalled, the girl gained great popularity for building her character next to the charismatic “Robotín”, with whom she has worked as a duo and they have shared countless shows during their romance.

However, little is known about Karelys’s life before arriving in our country and what she did before becoming ‘Robotina’, so in this note we tell you a little more about her.

Karelys Molina is a young Venezuelan from Margarita Island, she is 23 years old and became known in Peru for her character in ‘Robotina’.

He won the admiration of the public with his metallic suit with which he performs, at the traffic lights of San Martín de Porres, with a popping dance choreography. From that moment and by appearing alongside the charismatic ‘Robotín’, she earned the nickname ‘Robotina’, with which she has worked all this time.

As mentioned above, Karelys Molina was born in Venezuela, but has Peruvian roots, as her father is from Chimbota.

“I am from Isla Margarita, at home there was always a special relationship with Peru. Thanks to my dad, I tried delicious dishes like ceviche or lomo saltado and I learned a little about its history, “he told Trome.

Like many Venezuelans, Karelys Molina and her family had to emigrate driven by the crisis in their country. They came to the land of his father, Chimbote, where he studied Economics and International Business.

She said that when she left school she saw a group of young people dancing dressed as robots and motivated her to do the same.

“Whenever I got out of class, I would watch a group of kids pop dancing dressed as robots. That got my attention, and after meeting them I started doing the same thing at traffic lights,” she added.

Apart from the talent that overflows when dancing with her character from ‘Robotina’, Karelys Molina is known in the gamer world. She does live streams of games like Call of Duty and Free Fire.

She also sells masks that she makes herself inspired by video game or anime characters.

“I sell them with figures from video games or anime, so I try to generate an extra income,” he mentioned.