Rochy RD releases debt and commitment to work with music promoter

The popular Dominican urban performer Rochy RD ended his professional relationship with Máximo Andújar, a music promoter in the United States, after reaching a “friendly” agreement between both parties.

A press release indicates that Rochy RD, through its legal representatives, have reached an agreement in which they have agreed and agreed on the commitment to pay, in a transactional way, the sum of Twenty-eight thousand dollars (US $ 28,000.00), or its equivalent in Dominican pesos.

In this sense, the parties withdraw and reciprocally waive each and every one of the actions and processes initiated, concluded or opened, of any nature, specifically those related to the artistic representation for the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada of the Rochy RD musical project.

Máximo Andújar, represented by his lawyer, Wagner Rodríguez, has authorized the final file of the complaint against the urban singer filed a few months ago, for alleged breach of contract, reaching an amicable agreement.

The artist, through his lawyers, expresses the satisfaction of this friendly agreement, fulfilling his responsibility with the indicated payment, regretting that the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020 did not allow him to work for the international market.

This good news comes at a great time for Rochy, who this year has once again achieved several musical successes and high-profile recordings with artists such as Ozuna, Musicologist, Cosculluela, Anuel AA, among others.

The singer along with his work team is strongly focused on the start of his international tour in the West for the first quarter of 2021, including an extensive tour in the United States and Puerto Rico, countries where he has an impressive fan base. one of the three most popular Dominican urban artists in the nightclubs of the aforementioned countries.

Rochy RD holds the record of being the Dominican artist with the most # 1 trend on YouTube in the DR, in addition to being the fastest reaching one million visits for each premiere in less than 32 hours in the Dominican Republic.