Rocker who urinated a fan during a concert, talks about the controversial incident

A few days ago, the Brazilian rocker Sophia Urista, singer of the band Brass Against, starred in an event that went viral on social networks. The young woman took a fan on stage and urinated on his face, an event that earned her hundreds of criticisms and a possible lawsuit.

After the action, the singer spoke about what happened in Daytona Beach, Florida, during a concert of the band at the Rockville Festival.

“I have always pushed the limits within my music and on stage. That night, I pushed those limits too far. I love my family, my band and my fans more than anything else and I know that some of them were offended or hurt by what I did. I want to apologize to them and let them know that I never did it with that intention, ”Urista said on his social networks.

“I am not a shock artist. I always want to put the music first. I really appreciate your love and support ”, he concluded.

After the show, the band tweeted and posted on Instagram a message about the eschatological event: “We had a great time last night at Welcome To Rockville. Sophia was carried away by emotion. That is not something that the rest of us expected, and it is not something that they will see again at our concerts ”.

Hours after the fact, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reported that Florida’s legal system makes it illegal for someone to “expose their sexual organs in public or in someone else’s private facility, or close enough to be seen from there. private facilities, in a vulgar or indecent way ”.